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Härmän Taksipalvelu Oy

Härmän Taksipalvelu (Härmä Taxi Service) takes you around the Etelä-Pohjanmaa region quickly and safely.

Operating mainly in the Alahärmä region of Kauhava, we’ll take you conveniently to for example Power Park!
In addition to normal taxis, we also provide charter rides and wheelchair accessible taxis for groups with special needs.

Learn more about our charter rides!

Our company dates back 50 years to 1962 when Liisa Huhtala started transporting schoolchildren from Alahärmä and Ylihärmä to Lapua vocational school. This service was for those that lived away from the bus routes. She started out with a single Chevrolet station wagon. Unfotunately, more detailed information about the car no longer exists. Liisa also had her husband Pentti helping her out.

As the Alahärmä region started to industrialize in the beginning of 1970’s, Liisa and Pentti started to provide transportation services to weavery workers from different parts of Alahärmä and even neighboring towns. At that time, the Ylinen Weavery was a major employer of working age women in the area. They worked in two shifts, which meant that they needed rides from early morning until late in the evening.

Later the transportation business grew to include other types of school transportation and various group transportation services as well. In the beginning of 1980’s, they also started to provide transportation services for the disabled and also took on Kela-reimbursed transportation services. In 2007, a new generation took over the business allowing Liisa and Pentti to retire as Veli-Matti Huhtala and his wife Tuija Paasovaara stepped up to take charge. At that time, the company had three cars with taxi permits. Later, two minivans with public transport permits were added to the fleet. The company is also experienced in transportation using stretchers.

Taxi fares are regulated in Finland, so the fares are the same for TAXIS of all size in the entire country. Factors that affect the fair include day of week (weekday or holiday), time of day, distance, waiting time, and number of passengers.

Härmän Taksipalvelu Oy

Härmäntie 21 G 7, 62300 HÄRMÄ

p. 0400 48 48 48

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