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We transport individual persons and groups up to 20 and up. We are very flexible with our charter rides, so we can provide one even at a short notice. Call us right away: 0400 48 48 48!

We’ve also thought about the young ones by getting a child seat for their safety and comfort. Older children can enjoy the trip watching TV or a DVD.

Accessibility in our taxis
All our vehicles are equipped with elevators or ramps for customers who use wheelchairs. The equipment also makes it easy and effortless for other passengers to get in if they have difficulty moving. All our vehicles are equipped with standard-complying belts for fastening wheelchairs appropriately.

Transportation using stretchers is carried out in the comfort of large vehicles where the roof isn’t too close to the person being transported. When transporting for hospital and rehabilitation purposes, we aim to tailor the most suitable vehicle and seat for the customer. For those recuperating from a hip surgery we have seat cushions and ample space for their aids. We can also arrange transportation for two wheelchairs + 10 persons on regular seats.

Our professional and friendly drivers are always on time and willing to walk you all the way inside, for example when travelling to hospitals. They will also provide you with any other kind of assistance, should you need it. Our drivers are bound by professional confidentiality and they are 100 percent committed to it.

We accept Visa/Mastercard credit cards, debit and taxi cards and cash. Invoicing is also an option when agreed on separately. We keep our fleet new, service our vehicles on time and pay attention to cleanliness by washing our cars on a daily basis. We operate mainly in the Etelä-Pohjanmaa and Pohjanmaa regions but, if needed, also in other areas in Finland.

KELA-reimbursed transportation
We participate in the direct reimbursement system with three taxis. Bookings are made through the central taxi dispatch. The operator is Keskustaksi at Seinäjoki and the phone number for Kela-reimbursed taxis is 0100 86001. For transporting persons with disabilities or stretchers, you can call us directly. Transportation will be carried out using public transportation vehicles. For the Kela-reimbursed rides, the customer will only pay the copayment which is 25.00€/one-way trip in 2016.

Härmän Taksipalvelu Oy

Härmäntie 21 G 7, 62300 HÄRMÄ

p. 0400 48 48 48

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